What Is Total by Verizon

Have you ever wondered how many households in the United States rely on Verizon for their communication needs? Over 50 million homes have chosen Verizon as their service provider.

Curious to know what sets Total by Verizon apart from other service bundles? Stay tuned to discover the comprehensive range of services and benefits that Total by Verizon offers, including internet, TV, and phone services, designed to cater to your communication needs seamlessly.

Total by Verizon Overview

When looking at Total by Verizon, you’ll find a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet all your communication and entertainment needs. This bundle includes not only internet and TV services but also phone options. With Total by Verizon, you can enjoy crystal-clear voice calls, high-speed internet, and a vast array of television channels all in one package.

Verizon’s Total package offers a seamless experience by combining these essential services into one convenient bill. You’ll have access to reliable internet connectivity for streaming, browsing, and working from home. The TV service provides a wide selection of channels for every member of your household to enjoy, from sports to movies to educational programs.

Moreover, Total by Verizon ensures that you have access to customer support whenever you need it. Whether you have questions about your bill, need technical assistance, or want to upgrade your services, Verizon’s support team is just a call away. With Total by Verizon, you can simplify your communication and entertainment needs with a single, reliable provider.

Internet Services Included

Explore the internet services included in Verizon’s Total package to discover the high-speed connectivity that enhances your communication and entertainment experience. With Verizon’s Total package, you’ll enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds that allow you to stream your favorite shows, video chat with friends and family, and download large files in a matter of seconds. Whether you’re a casual internet user or a heavy bandwidth consumer, Verizon’s reliable and robust internet service has you covered.

Verizon’s Total package provides you with a seamless online experience, offering consistent connectivity for all your devices. Say goodbye to buffering and slow loading times with Verizon’s high-speed internet services, designed to keep up with your busy digital lifestyle. Whether you’re working from home, gaming online, or simply browsing the web, Verizon’s internet services ensure a smooth and uninterrupted online experience.

Upgrade to Verizon’s Total package today to unlock the full potential of high-speed internet and elevate your online experience to new heights.

TV Package Details

Uncover the comprehensive television package details included in Verizon’s offerings to enhance your viewing experience. With Verizon’s TV package, you can enjoy a wide selection of channels spanning various genres like sports, news, entertainment, and more. The package includes popular channels such as ESPN, CNN, HGTV, and HBO, ensuring there’s something for everyone in your household to enjoy.

Verizon’s TV package also comes with features like On Demand, allowing you to watch your favorite shows and movies at your convenience. You can even access streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu directly from your Verizon set-top box, streamlining your entertainment experience.

Furthermore, Verizon offers the option to add premium channels to your TV package for an additional fee. Channels like STARZ, Showtime, and Cinemax are available for those looking to expand their viewing options even further.

Phone Service Features

Discover the array of convenient and innovative phone service features that Verizon offers to complement your entertainment bundle seamlessly. When you subscribe to Verizon’s phone service, you gain access to a range of features designed to enhance your communication experience. Enjoy crystal-clear call quality with Verizon’s reliable network coverage, ensuring that you can stay connected with friends and family without interruptions.

Verizon’s phone service also includes useful features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and three-way calling, giving you the tools to manage your calls efficiently. With the voicemail feature, you can receive and retrieve voice messages easily, even when you’re unavailable to answer a call. Caller ID allows you to see who’s calling before you pick up, giving you the option to decide whether to answer or not. Call waiting ensures that you never miss an important call, while three-way calling lets you connect with multiple parties simultaneously.

Additionally, Verizon offers advanced features like call forwarding, don’t disturb, and personalized ringtones, allowing you to customize your phone service to suit your preferences and lifestyle. Experience the convenience and reliability of Verizon’s phone service features today.

Benefits of Total by Verizon

When you subscribe to Total by Verizon, you unlock a host of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your overall telecommunications experience seamlessly. One significant advantage is the convenience of bundling services, which can lead to cost savings and simplified billing.

With Total by Verizon, you can enjoy a seamless combination of internet, TV, and phone services all under one provider, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple companies. Additionally, Total by Verizon offers premium customer support, ensuring that any issues or queries you may have are promptly addressed by knowledgeable professionals dedicated to resolving your concerns.

Furthermore, Total by Verizon provides access to advanced features such as Verizon’s reliable network, which guarantees high-speed internet connectivity and crystal-clear TV streaming. By choosing Total by Verizon, you gain access to exclusive discounts, promotions, and deals on the latest devices and services, allowing you to stay connected while saving money.

Ultimately, Total by Verizon offers a comprehensive telecommunications solution that prioritizes convenience, quality, and customer satisfaction.


Overall, Total by Verizon offers a comprehensive service bundle that includes internet, TV, and phone services. With a variety of features and benefits, Total by Verizon provides customers with convenience and value.

Whether you’re looking for fast internet speeds, a wide range of TV channels, or reliable phone service, Total by Verizon has you covered. Upgrade to Total by Verizon today to enjoy a seamless and integrated communication experience.

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