Sterling silver rings are a versatile everyday staple, offering the look of gold without the price tag. They look beautiful with almost any outfit and can even be mixed-n-matched. Silver is also less likely to cause an allergic reaction, unlike cheaper metals like brass or nickel. We highly recommend looking for a reputable and trustworthy vendor when purchasing online, as this will help you avoid purchasing low-quality jewellery.

The antibacterial properties of sterling silver kill germs and bacteria, helping to keep your skin healthy. It’s so effective that many medical equipment pieces are made from it, such as hospital bracelets and bandages.

Silver is also an extremely strong and durable material. It won’t scratch or bend easily, making it a perfect choice for rings that will be worn daily and often. It is more resilient than gold or platinum, meaning it will be able to endure a lot of wear and tear, even from everyday activities such as work and gym class.

Sterling silver is typically alloyed with a small percentage of another metal, such as copper, to make it stronger and more suitable for jewellery. The alloyed mixture allows it to hold its shape and texture whilst still being soft enough to be shaped. To test whether your ring is genuine sterling silver, rub it gently with a soft white polishing cloth. If the cloth leaves black marks on it, this is a good sign that your ring is made from true sterling silver. sterling silver rings

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