When most people think of an airgun, they might picture a kid in a cowboy hat with a BB gun or Ralphie from A Christmas Story being warned that he’ll shoot his eye out. The truth is that if an air gun is used incorrectly, it can cause serious injury just like any other firearm. But, when properly used, an air gun can be a great tool for hunting, target shooting, and even pest control.

An airgun is any kind of gun that launches projectiles using compressed gas, instead of by the exothermic combustion of gunpowder. Typically, the gas is either carbon dioxide or pressurized air. Guns that are powered by carbon dioxide are known as “green gas” or red gas guns, while those that use compressed air are called pellet guns or BB guns.

In the 1800s, some of the first air rifles were manufactured. They were based on the Girandoni rifle, also called the Windbuchse, and they were surprisingly effective. They were also extremely quiet and could be used in locations where it was impossible or impractical to use a traditional firearm.

Today’s modern airguns are capable of very high velocities and are often used for target shooting or plinking. They are also increasingly popular among hunters and pest control experts because they can take down small game with relatively little noise or recoil. Some states are even considering introducing airguns into their wildlife management programs by requiring sportsmen to purchase an airgun stamp alongside other hunting licenses. airguns

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