When BB guns are used appropriately, safely, and responsibly, they are a fun hobby and a useful tool for teaching children to shoot in a safe environment. The spherical shape of these projectiles decelerates the velocity of the gun and reduces the potential for eye injuries, unlike the pellets fired by shotguns (called 00, double ought, or buckshot) that are larger than BBs and more likely to ricochet.

BB guns typically operate using an air compressor (similar to a scuba tank) that holds pre-compressed gas in cylinders. To fire, the gun mechanism merely needs to open a pathway between this gas container and the barrel behind the projectile, releasing the pressure to propel the BB down the barrel. There are several different types of power mechanisms that accomplish this.

BB guns are also commonly used to train youths for shooting, target practice, and other sports that require accuracy, as well as for pest control. The lower power output and affordability of BB guns make them perfect for teaching gun safety, and the Daisy Red Ryder model is an iconic example that sells by the tens of thousands each year. BB rifles and pistols are often used in youth shooting competitions to teach young people proper technique, as well as for military and police training. They are not, however, suitable for hunting game animals as they lack the power needed to bring down larger game. This is why BB guns are sometimes mistaken for real firearms, and why criminals often use them while robbing banks and homes, hoping that they will not be identified by the cops. bb guns

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