The team at this junkyard is known for providing outstanding customer service and quick pickups. They offer fair prices and quality parts that help customers save money on repairs. The staff is also happy to answer any questions and provide recommendations to help customers find the right part for their vehicles.

The staff at this salvage yard is experienced and knowledgeable about a wide range of North American cars and trucks. They have been in business for more than three decades, and their reputation for offering exceptional customer service is well-deserved. They provide quality used auto parts at competitive prices, and they can also match or beat the price of new parts.

A slipping transmission is a major car problem that can be very expensive to fix. It is never safe to drive a vehicle that has a slipping transmission, and it can lead to an accident. It is important to have the transmission replaced as soon as possible to avoid a costly repair bill and potential injury or death.

If you have an old car or truck that is taking up valuable space in your garage or driveway, selling it may be a good option for you. The best way to do this is by using a local junkyard. A reputable junkyard will pay you cash for your old car, and they can even pick it up for free! You can contact Wheelzy to get a quote and to learn more about the process of selling your junk car in Naples. car junk yards naples fl

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