Dog Collars are a staple piece of equipment for most dogs, providing the means to keep identification and medical information on them at all times. But not all collars are created equal: The kind you choose can have a big impact on your dog’s safety and comfort, as well as the effectiveness of leash training.

To help you narrow down your options, we talked to professional trainers and veterinarians about the different kinds of collars available. They identified seven types of collars that might perform better in specific situations—but remember, no one type is a substitute for good leash training.

Flat Collars
Flat-buckle collars are the standard type that most people think of when they picture a dog collar, and they’re made in a variety of materials, colors, and designs. They feature a simple buckle or snap that you can use to secure your dog’s ID tag and rabies vaccination certificate. Many come with light-reflective strips to improve visibility on dark walks.

Rolled Collars
Rolled-leather collars are similar to flat-buckle collars, but they’re designed to avoid chafing and hair breakage. Some of these are also adjustable, giving you more flexibility if your dog’s neck size changes over time.

Pinch Collars
For some owners, pinch collars can be a godsend. They can be very effective in reducing pulling behavior, especially when used with patience and proper technique. But be careful: If your dog’s neck gets too tight, you can risk choking or even suffocating him. It’s important to measure your dog’s neck with a measuring tape before buying these types of collars, and always follow the manufacturer’s guidance on sizing. Dog Collars

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