A skill seller is a sales professional who has the right mix of selling skills to consistently deliver high sales performance. The skills that make up this mixture vary from person to person, but the combination of these skills is what separates Elite and Top Performers from The Rest.

Sales professionals must be able to connect with buyers on a personal level. This means showing empathy and building rapport, but also knowing when to step back and let the buyer take the lead in the conversation. Often times, the simplest way to improve this skill is by practicing exploratory calls with colleagues or customers.

The ability to ask questions that elicit open, productive dialogue is one of the most powerful selling skills. When done well, it can lead to a deep understanding of the needs and challenges that the buyer is facing. In turn, this helps the seller to position the product or service in a meaningful way for the client.

Every sales person will encounter objections, from the routine to the more unique reasons for why a prospect might not be willing to invest. Having the ability to meet these apprehensions head on and find creative solutions is what defines great negotiation skills.

Having the drive to strengthen existing sales skills and learn new ones is essential for being a skill seller. This includes being willing to experiment with different techniques and to measure the impact of those efforts on their selling results. skill seller

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