Representing the very best in English style, Burberry bags are the unequivocal go-to for discerning shoppers with a classic aesthetic. With signature prints like Nova check and Haymarket, luxurious leathers, and structured silhouettes, they’re timeless accessories to wear for a lifetime.

While Burberry bags may look very similar, there are a number of subtle differences between genuine and fake versions of the iconic brand. One easy tip is to look at the stitching: authentic Burberry bags always have clean, precise stitching, whereas fake ones often feature uneven or messy stitching. Another clue to watch out for is the font style: a slight variation in the shape of the letters can help you sift out counterfeits from genuine pieces.

The most famous Burberry moment of all came in Sunday’s season-four premiere of HBO Max’s Succession, when Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfayden) verbally annihilated Cousin Greg’s date’s $2,900 bag for being “ludicrously capacious.” Since then, a legion of memes have sprung up comparing the scathing takedown to other viral moments from the show—like Carrie’s assistant Louise’s Louboutins. But even if you don’t own any luxury shoes or handbags from the British label, you can still use this savvy advice to spot an original Burberry bag when shopping online. burberry bag

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