For those who are not able to carry their own child, the clinic offers gestational surrogacy. Using their own sperm or donated sperm, an embryo is transferred to the surrogate’s uterus through IVF procedures. Sperm donation is a treatment option for males with azoospermia, which is the absence of sperm cells. The clinic also has a sperm bank where they store donated sperm for long-term storage. The sperm can be used for fertilization of the eggs through IUI or artificial insemination (AID).

Women who are considering IVF treatment in Cyprus can benefit from the island’s high-standard facilities and affordable prices. They can be seen by a doctor in private clinics that offer a number of payment plans, which helps to make the cost of the process more manageable. The clinics are located in clean and modern buildings and are operated by doctors who speak both Greek and English.

Egg donors in North Cyprus are legally required to undergo a screening process that includes testing for infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis and cystic fibrosis. They must also undergo a psychological evaluation and karyotyping, which examines the chromosomes in the donor’s cells. This process helps to ensure that the resulting embryos are healthy and have a good prognosis for pregnancy.

There is a lot of availability for both fresh and frozen oocytes in North Cyprus, which helps reduce waiting lists. There are also many egg donor agencies in Cyprus, which means that the couple can often be matched with an anonymous donor very quickly. ivf cyprus

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