Whether you want to take on the bad guys as Miles Morales or simply want to wear the coolest Spider-Man costume in the game, these options are a great way to do it. These outfits are ideal for both kids and adults and can be used in a variety of contexts including Halloween parties, cosplay events, or Comic Book conventions.

New York City’s own Miles Morales is finally getting his very own series of standalone Marvel comic books and he’s got a brand-new look for the occasion. The young superhero’s fresh look has already been showcased on the big screen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and his latest suit looks just as good in person.

With the relaunch of Miles Morales: Spider-Man coming later this year, writer Cody Ziglar and artist Federico Vicentini have been sharing sneak peeks of the new character’s classic red-and-black outfit. The new version of the iconic spider-suit, designed by Chase Conley, brings in a streetwear vibe, adding baggy sweats and sneakers to the web-slinging hero’s arsenal.

Despite this new style, Miles’ wardrobe in the game still boasts plenty of other options for him to use as he swings through Harlem. From the simple Homemade Suit (a hand-me-down of Peter Parker’s worn during his time as a vigilante) to the more advanced 2020 Suit, the PlayStation 5 launch title has Miles covered for any challenge that comes his way.

In the new New Game+ update, players will be able to unlock an upgraded version of the Homemade Suit that will bring in more of the streetwear-inspired design elements. In addition, there will be a new suit mod called Stronger Webs that allows you to temporarily stun large groups of enemies, giving you more room to breathe during a brawl. Miles Morales Costume

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